About me

My name is Florian and I'm from Germany. If you want to get in touch with me, just drop me a line. Please use my GnuPG key.


I do programming for over a decade now. It all began with Perl and C. Shortly after that I learned Java, C++ and Matlab. Not long ago I fell completely in love with functional programming. This paradigm changes really the way you think. Therefore I play a lot with Lisp-like languages at the moment. I see programming as an art.

We have seen that computer programming is an art,
because it applies accumulated knowledge to the world,
because it requires skill and ingenuity, and especially
because it produces objects of beauty. — Donald E. Knuth

About this site

I created this site with Emacs, org-mode, Git and Jekyll. I used this wunderful clean design from Steve Losh and modified it a little bit. All kudos belong to him.